There is No Such Thing as Over-Accessorizing

Coco Chanel gave the following advice when it came to accessorizing: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” While I would never question Coco Chanel and the mark she has left on the world of fashion, I can’t work within the confines of Coco’s advice here.

I tend to swing to the other end of the pendulum in this area following the example set by my mother, Becky. Becky pretty much lived her life abiding by the belief that “there is no such thing as over-accessorizing.” She wore fabulous and super colorful hats, earrings, bracelets, pins, necklaces and scarves, and she also carried super fun bags. When her sister Joanne threw her a 45th birthday party, every guest was asked to bring a headband. The centerpiece on the party table that day was a giant headband tree. When Becky and her friends were audience members at a popular morning talk show, one of the hosts called Becky out from up on the set naming her “the bead lady” in reference to the plethora of bracelets adorning her left arm.

After Becky died way too young to be finished accessorizing. I wrote a book about the shopping journeys we shared together and how shopping gave my mother hope for the future as she valiantly fought her aggressive cancer. The book was optioned for film, and when the screenwriter wrote the treatment, she titled one of the segments “There Is No Such Thing As Over-Accessorizing.”

I’m pretty sure I over-accessorize. I am also pretty sure though that I don’t look ridiculous. I don’t think my mother ever did either. Coco might disagree. I see accessories as a way to express individuality. My mother was big on that too. I was never allowed to do anything just because some other kid did it. I still think there’s something to that.

Accessories are a thing for me. I have a lot of accessories. I was given a lot of them by a lot of people who I love. I’ve purchased a lot on my own as well. Every time I look in the mirror before I leave the house, I usually throw on another bangle bracelet (sorry Coco), a fourth stackable ring, a pendant necklace to hang below my shorter one or an embroidered pin for my jacket. And every time I do that, I’m reminded of who gave me that piece, what I was doing when I first wore it, who was with me when I bought it for myself and what has changed (or maybe not changed) since then. Every accessory for me is…yes…a memory.

And that’s what this blog (do I really have a blog?!) is about. It’s about so many memories – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It’s about growing up, learning a lot, forgetting it, and then remembering it again. It’s about some pinch me I can’t believe this is happening I’m so happy stuff and about some I feel like I can’t get out of bed today because I feel so sad stuff. It’s about the small stuff and also the really big stuff.

I hope you will follow, like, tweet, insta, pin, …whatevs this stuff. I also hope you will pick up some great fashion and accessories tips and find some new cute items as I will be featuring so many. I suspect that you will learn a lot about me (yikes!) but I also hope you will learn something about you.

I hope you will laugh and think and come back for more.