Want to Partner With Me?

I’m a really good partner. Just ask my co-captain from summer camp, my lab partner from high school or anyone who was on my marketing research team in business school. Like my third grade teacher said, I work well with others and like I say, I LOVE to collaborate. Here are a few ways we can work together.


I will feature your ad on Accessories and Memories. Contact me for ad size options and pricing.

Featured Products

I love to write. I love accessories. If you have a really fabulous accessory that you’d like me to write about, send me an email and I will write a really fabulous review for you and also let you know about pricing and timing too. My write up will be about more than just your product (as I’ve discovered so many things are) so it will be sure to stick out in my readers’ minds and get your product noticed. I’ll also promote your product on social media.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? I can’t really think of anyone? I know my readers love free stuff. I will host a giveaway of your accessory(ies) and dedicate a whole blog post to the giveaway. I will also promote it on social media. Email me for specifics on timing and quantity and all that good stuff.