Behind every cute necklace...
is a really good story
(and more!)

Finding A Rabbi…..And More

When the president of my synagogue called me on my home phone number (only dialed by telemarketers and my in-laws) last summer to ask me to be on the committee to help our synagogue find a new rabbi, I laughed — out loud. I almost … Read more

My Favorite Pods

I like working out. I like folding laundry. I like chauffeuring my kids around in what used to feel like endless circles to sporting events and evening activities. Why is this you ask? I will tell you why. One word (not two) —podcasts. I LOVE … Read more

My Own Daily Uniform

In the hopes of becoming more efficient, more productive and generally a person who gets sh*t done, I decided I would create some version of my own uniform which I would wear – every day. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about decision … Read more

My Husband’s Jugs

You can tell a lot about a person by their bookshelves. My husband and I were keenly aware of this when we moved into our house and unpacked our collection of books into our built-in shelves, which take up almost an entire wall in our … Read more

The Wonder Woman Bracelet

When I was growing up, every girl I knew wanted to be Wonder Woman and just about every boy I knew wanted to be her boyfriend, or at the very least, stare at the poster of her all day long. We worshipped the Lynda Carter … Read more