Behind every cute necklace...
is a really good story
(and more!)

A Train in Spain

I once had breakfast belly up to the bar at a dive somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Spanish countryside wearing only a pink Victoria’s Secret night shirt. This may not be going where you think it’s going. I studied abroad in London … Read more

Life Beyond that Bus Stop

If Norman Rockwell painted a picture of a bus stop, I think it would be mine. Not mine exactly, but the one where at least one of my children has stood for eight years waiting for the school bus to pick them up and drive … Read more

Statement Earrings

My parents did not believe in bribery. When I told them about the kids in school who were rewarded with things for accomplishments or just doing what they were supposed to do, my parents explained to me that this was not how our family operated. … Read more

Embracing My Inner Mrs.

I answer to many names: Rachel, Rach, Mom, Mommy, Love, Sweetie, Friend, Hon and even Hey You. There is one name however that I can’t seem to wrap my head around. You would think I would be used to this name, as it’s technically been … Read more

Manicure is the New Shower

I had my first manicure when I was twelve years old. It was the day before my Bat Mitzvah, and I went to the nail salon on a special outing with my mother. It was a big deal. I’m pretty sure that the next time … Read more