The Wonder Woman Bracelet

When I was growing up, every girl I knew wanted to be Wonder Woman and just about every boy I knew wanted to be her boyfriend, or at the very least, stare at the poster of her all day long. We worshipped the Lynda Carter … Read more

Love It, Not List It

When we visited the 55 and over new construction carriage house last spring, I thought it was the perfect place for my father, who was overqualified by 20 years, to live in. After checking out the brand new state of the art kitchen, open floor … Read more

The Story Behind The Story

I love a good story. But I really love the story behind a good story. Perhaps that’s why I am a writer? A storyteller of sorts? Perhaps that’s why the tagline for my new venture, Accessories & Memories is “behind every cute necklace is really … Read more

Cute Pills

I had my own personal shopper when I was a little girl. She was 60 years my senior, had soft white hair, which she almost always pulled back, showing off her high cheek bones, her subtle smile and the countless (I tried to count!) lines … Read more

You Get What You Give

A long time ago someone said to me “you get what you give.” I so didn’t get that then. You don’t get what you give, I thought. You get what you get (and you don’t get upset) as I often told my kids when they … Read more