People Change (Give Them A Chance)

I was painfully shy as a child. Painful as in I remember that it actually hurt my body when a grownup said hello to me. The thought of saying hello back or worse answering the very difficult question of “how are you? or “how old … Read more

We’re Getting To The Part I Remember

I don’t remember when I first walked or talked. I don’t remember the first day of kindergarten or first grade or really any one particular day or moment from those very early years of my life. I do remember failing the big French test in … Read more

Old Reliable

I’ve had a few nicknames — none that really stuck, which was probably a good thing considering the Peppermint Patty one from college which I’d just as soon forget. One nickname though that does resurface every now and then in my extended family is one … Read more

How To Get Creative (Get Bored!)

People sometimes ask me how I get my ideas for essays, blogs, books and the like. I was never really able to answer this question in a coherent or meaningful way. “I don’t know. They just kind of come to me” I’d say hoping that … Read more

A Train in Spain

I once had breakfast belly up to the bar at a dive somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Spanish countryside wearing only a pink Victoria’s Secret night shirt. This may not be going where you think it’s going. I studied abroad in London … Read more