About Me

On the day I was born, my grandmother told my mother that she was so happy because at long last, she had someone with whom she could share all of her earrings. As the only girl in my generation, I was given many beautiful hand me down earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags and more. I was also given a unique sense of fashion, a pretty good sense of self, an education I so appreciated and the inspiration to do something with it.

After graduating from college, I wore my grandmother’s pearl earrings to a lot of job interviews until I landed one in New York City working in magazine marketing for publications including People, Real Simple and my favorite InStyle. After several years at the magazines, I left the pearls behind for big hoop earrings and small but warm knit hats to attend graduate school in Michigan.

Eventually I figured out how to write full time keeping my wrap bracelets and long pendant necklaces away from my keyboard as I typed away books about shopping and loss, the importance and value in a child’s name and about having a nanny so I could continue to work and write professionally.

I also wrote shorter pieces about losing my mother, becoming a mother, the choices we make along the way and so much more. My work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Glamour.com, Parenting.comKveller, Scary Mommy, Metropolis and Grand Magazine.

These days, I continue to write about these issues and more almost always wearing an indoor scarf (even in the summer) with my hair pulled back in some kind of hair band or ribbon (but never a scrunchie.) I also teach workshops in elementary schools about journaling, creative writing and creating children’s books through an awesome organization called Bucks AIR.

When not hunched over my laptop in my home office, I can be found hunched over my laptop at my local Starbucks. I also practice yoga (relief from all those hours hunched over said laptop) and I continue to search for good-looking earrings, necklaces, scarves and accessories of all kinds.